Thursday, April 15, 2010

m.e 1st Giveaway

Salam.. =D

Jom klik SINI utk. join..



antara syaratnya:-

  1. Be my follower (who ever not yet my follower, please do so) :)
  2. Add this blog to your blog link list
  3. Write an entry about this Giveaway
  4. In your entry, You must put above picture. Make sure the picture will also at your side bar. Link both picture (in the entry & at the side bar) to
  5. After you had finish step 1 - 4, left your URL-link-1st-Giveaway & your email at this comment entry
  6. Closing date will be on 23rd April 2010
  7. Winner will be pick randomly


4 Sila Komen Disini ♪♫♪:

LYaFRINA said...

leily.. ada tag...


sila buat yer.. hehe

Siti said...

mcm nak join...hehehe..nanti la wat entry

Siti said...

leily, denagn panatsnya siti join yer..hehehe

lylieiqmal said...

ish..mcm nk x penah lg try contest2 ape2 lg..hihih...ti la pk2 dulu...

salam kenal.. ummi alya

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